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About Me

Serah-Marie is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Language, Media & Communication and Digital Media Studies at the University of Rochester. She has experience working with CMS, SEO and the AP and Chicago stylebooks, and prides herself on her media literacy, project management skills and attention to detail. Serah is passionate about storytelling, environmental justice and all things Disney.

Masked: A Student Anthology

  • This virtual anthology showcases works written by University of Rochester students in response to the 2020-2021 Black Lives Matter protests and the Covid-19 pandemic. 
  • As Assistant Editor, I was responsible for copyediting all genres of works submitted including fiction, poetry, memoir and creative nonfiction. I also collected and compiled all author bios.
  • The project was overseen by Joanna Scott, Director of the Literary Arts Programs at the University of Rochester.

Campus Times

  • The University of Rochester’s beloved student newspaper.
  • At the CT, I’m responsible for proofreading and fact-checking articles for each section of the paper. I also must ensure articles adhere to the CT’s style guide.
  • Copyediting every Sunday for 2 semesters has developed my eagle-eye for spelling, grammatical and factual errors.

Open Road Integrated Media Content Management Intern

  • 3-month internship at a global content branding company based in New York.
  • Worked closely with editors to pitch, write, and edit pieces to promote ebook sales across ORIM’s six targeted sites. Adhered to the Orion Style Guide.
  • Optimized content for affiliate advertising programs and links.
  • Managed marketing campaigns to track ebook sales.
  • Skills developed: SEO writing, copywriting, copyediting, researching, pitching and framing stories for the web.
  • Digital tools used: Orion CMS, Asana, Peggy Database.
  • Supervising Editor: Kaytie Norman.

Peer Editor

  • Read and suggested edits to peers' academic papers.
  • Became comfortable editing content from any field.
  • Gained experience handling writers passionate about their work.

Digital Media Studies Project Manager

  • Managed an interdisciplinary group of students as we worked towards creating a digital product.
  • Responsible for group communication, follow-ups, and ensuring deadlines were met.

EcoRep Leader: Event Coordinator

  • Organized campus-wide sustainability-driven events, such as The Trash Jar Challenge.
  • Wrote weekly Sustainability Newsletter for campus-wide distribution.
  • Educated residence halls on various environmental topics by creating "Ecoboards" on targeted issues.

Caribbean Communications Network Intern Reporter

  • Wrote and edited news stories for broadcast on TV6 News. Gained experience in going out into the field for broadcast journalism.
  • Conducted interviews and research for stories written and published in the Trinidad Express Newspaper. Gained familiarity with the  entire print journalism process.
  • Worked closely with the paper's editor-in-chief, Omatie Lyder, photographers, reporters and television personnel.
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To Eat Or Not To Eat

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